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September 20, 2011

The last two days in Palma have seen unusual breeze with a weak Mistral making itself felt with a NW breeze at 20-25.  Knowing that this is not the condition we will be seeing during the actual event, most teams decided to keep their races sails intact and focus on boat preparation at the dock.  As I sit looking out at the racing area for Day 1, the strong NW breeze has died and the forecast is for the normal SW seabreeze at 10-14.  29 teams have made the trek to this event and with no pushovers, it is going to be a serious battle for the title.

Our plan on Shakedown was to get 3 solid days of training, but with the strong breeze gusting to the high 20s both Sunday and Monday, we decided that our time would be better spent making sure all of our equipment was in top form.  And to make sure we were staying in shape, a few games of half court water polo have been the norm prior to dinner at our crew house.  We are eager to get on the race course and return back to the house this evening with 2 single digit finishes.

Team New Zealand on the Volvo 70 Camper was seen ripping around the bay on their entry to Palma

Beavis and Butthead help re-launch the boat after we tickled the bottom with some wax.

Tactians and helmsman gather for one of the longest, most boring competitor briefings of all time.

Flipper's son Bear is the offical team mascot.

Check out up to date results, photos and video here. Crew lists here.

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  1. Comment by Rob Aitken — September 20, 2011

    In the hunt!
    Keep up the consistency!
    Living vicariously in Northern Ontario,
    Rob Aitken

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