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UP NEXT – E Scow Invitational and M32s on Lake Garda »

June 28, 2010

It is always a challenge to keep your sailing calendar full to ensure that you have what you need financially.  Just 2 months ago, the month of June was looking fairly slow.  After a few fortunate emails and phone calls, June turned into a month where I was very busy and I now will be relishing a brief 10 days at home before a very busy July, August and September arrive. Other than being away, the only other bummer is that the sailing I enjoy most, E Scow sailing, has taken the biggest hit.  Luckily I have patient teammates in Chrisy Hughes and Tony Jewett, and we are still planning on hitting both the major events later this summer.

Following what will be a great 4th of July on Lake Minnetonka, the ILYA E Scow Invitational will take place out of MYC with over 40 boats and top E Scow talent in attendance.  The Invitational event always serves as a good warm up for the ILYA Champs and E National Champs and a barometer for how you stack up with the best competition from other lakes.  The M-42 team will be hitting the water for a few practice sessions since our season has been cut short with schedules and boat maintenance. While I wish I could could give my best effort for this event, I will only be able to do so on Friday July 9th, since on the 10th I will be heading back to Italy for more Melges 32 racing with John Kilroy Jr and the Samba Pa Ti 32 program, and the very capable John Dennis will be filling in on the tillers of the 42 E boat.

This will be the 4th and final stop in the 2010 Audi Sailing Series, and I am personally very excited to see legendary Lake Garda first hand. As we get closer to the 32 Worlds in September, you can start to feel the intensity ramping up with each event. The upcoming regattas, especially the Nationals in Harbor Springs at the end of July will be a serious grudge match with 25 teams in attendance and 15 of them capable of winning at any time.

Of course, another 32 regatta means another weigh-in.  These really are the worst parts of the events, especially when you are in a great food and drink country like Italy and have to keep away from everything other than salad and water for the first 5 days of the trip.  The beer and brats have been hard to stay away from this summer… I was 199 this morning and with a weigh in weight of 190 on the 13th of July, I will be having a lot of egg whites and protein over the next week and a half.

Until then, there are a few opti and E Scow coaching sessions, as well as some good family time and even a Twins game. Standing by in Lake Minnetonka, MN.

A Scow National Title Stays in Lake Geneva »

June 27, 2010

After 3 days of up and down racing on Lake Mendota, Tom Freytag and his team on I-7 claimed the A Scow National Championship with a gritty race 4, and a statement race in race 5.  With unsteady breeze in the 7-9 range,  the I-7 found themselves in the back of the pack while Rob Evans and team on M-1 were in the top 5 in race 4, and only 2 pts behind in the overall standings.  By the final downwind however, I-7 flew through the fleet and managed to finish one place ahead of M-1 to add an extra a point to their overall lead going into the final race.

Race 5 provided similar conditions and the start showed that the Wizard of Zenda, Buddy Melges still has a few tricks up his sleeve as he nailed the start at the committee boat and led most of the race.  It was great to see Buddy taking charge and showing how he can still dominate.  The speed and smarts of the I-7 were too much for Buddy and his team on Eagle, and it would be I-7 who would win the final race by a big margin to secure their overall title…a very well sailed regatta in tough conditions.

Overall, another fun A Scow regatta.  These boats really are great racing machines with each team having fun people involved.  Up next for the A Scows is the ILYA Champs on Lake Geneva in August which should have over 25 boats.

Top 10 –

1). I-7

2). M-1

3). M-8

4) I-28

5). M-2

6). I-1

7). M-21

8). V-57

9). M-10

10). V-0 – Nice work Dex!!!

K.I.S.S. – Dumb it Down and Sail Fast »

January 11, 2010

With my two main sports growing up, sailing and hockey, I would often look around and be intimidated by the talent around me, thinking, “These guys are faster and more skilled”. After contemplating quitting and taking up piano (I happen to think playing the piano is a very valuable skill, and I do wish I would have taken my lessons a bit more seriously), I did the only thing I knew how to do well…put my head down, work hard and not take “no” for an answer. Read more »