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September 24, 2011

Three boats are separated by just one point for the world title, and it is safe to say that we are not one of those boats.  In the trickiest, most shifty conditions we have seen yet, we again struggled to get off the starting line and found ourselves just the slightest step behind trying to play shifts in a very tough fleet.  It has been hard to be staring at the majority of the fleet in front of us both upwind and down, but we are always encouraged by the fact that if we can sail clean, we have as good a shot as anyone to have a good race. There are 2 remaining, and our best hope is that we can stop our free fall in the standings and put together a decent day.

Day 4 was a huge shake up in the overall standings with Samba having a tough day and Goombay Smash making a huge charge and taking the lead by 1 pt.  A few other teams are slightly in reach, but it will be a grudge match on the water for the title.  At least if we don’t have a good race going, we can watch some teams duke it out.  The owner of Goombay, Dougie Douglass is one of the more interesting characters in the fleet and has been sailing in various outfits throughout the week, and hosting parties on several nights with a full DJ at his sprawling crew house.  It will be interesting to see which outfit he wears on the racecourse today, and if he can hold a slim lead on Samba and Fantastica.

Day 4 highlights.

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