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February 20, 2010

Here is a link of the World Champion UKA UKA Melges 24 team sailing in 20-25 kts. While it is cool to simply watch a Melges 24 do its thing if 25 kts, if you a look a bit closer at the technique of the driver, you can pick up a few good nuggets on how to keep a boat on its feet and flat going upwind. Anthony Kotoun pointed this link out to me and provided his own take…

A few things to look for in the video as stated by Anthony–

1). Use the land in the background as a heel level.
2). Eases are big. When the boat heels over, he lets the sheet go quite a bit and quickly.
3). Trim in’s are smaller. He only brings in what the level of heel can take. It looks like it takes 2-3 trim in’s, to get back to zero from one big ease.
4). Look how relaxed he is.
5). Notice how the two hands are totally independent of each other. That tiller hand is damn steady.

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