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November 10, 2011

After a solid month at home and unsuccesfully attempting to potty train a 2 yr old while I was given solo parenting duty for 12 days, it is time to get back at it and prepare for a busy winter of sailing.  The Melges 20 winter circuit has started sooner than scheduled with the US Nationals that were previously cancelled by Hurricane Irene this past summer, now taking place this coming weekend with over 36 boats looking to grab the title.  This will be the largest fleet of Melges 20s to date, and there are at least a dozen new teams with proven sailors that have won National and World titles in other fleets.  Several Italian teams are in attendance to take part in the winter series as well as many familiar faces from the Melges 24 and 32 regattas.

Our squad on M and M Racing came down a few days early to shake the rust off and get into the groove with our speed and boathandling.  One factor that has helped us have decent results in previous events is a structured training schedule with the Red Sky team.  Sticking to a firm dock off time, having an organized objective for the day, and pushing each other as much as possible has helped get both of our teams to a place where we know our speed is going to at least be average, and allows us to tick off the variables heading into race day.  Come 11 am on Friday, the only question marks will be how we best want to get off the starting line and where the best breeze is….and whether to have eggs benedict or pancakes for breakfast.

Stay tuned from what looks to be a breezy day 1 at the Melges 20 Nationals.

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